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"Come, follow me," Jesus said, "and I will make you fishers of men."

Matthew 4:19

Riverlawn Christian Church exists to obey Jesus' calling by making disciples who make disciples.

We believe that the calling of the disciple can be summed up in this short passage from Matthew 4:19.

As disciples of Christ we want to FOLLOW Jesus, be CHANGED by Jesus, and commit to the MISSION of Jesus.

Updated contact information

We are switching databases here at Riverlawn and need your help!

Please fill out the form by clicking on the link below. It is imperative that all information is correct, with no mistakes.

Thank you!



Right Now Media is a FREE resource that we want to offer to all our Riverlawn Attenders.

Right Now Media is a library of thousands of discipleship resources and kids programming that will help you in going deeper in your relationship with Christ and your knowledge of Him. Follow the link below and you can sign-up for access to this amazing resource!


    Right Now Media is a free resource that we offer to any of our church attenders who are interested in discipleship resources for their family, or personal study. It contains thousands of resources from some of the worlds top pastors, teachers, and authors, as well as a huge library of children programming to teach your kids about Christ.  

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