Our hope is that you feel right at home when you step through the doors at Riverlawn.

We have parking spaces reserved for you in the front parking lot near the entrances, and there will be someone to greet you at the doors who can help you with anything you need! Any of our volunteers can assist you if you have any questions. When you come in you can grab some coffee and donuts at the Coffee Bar and either visit the KIDS Check-in to check in your children or visit the Welcome Center if you’re not sure where to go. There will be a countdown on screens in the front lobby so you can see when services are about to start.


Don’t feel obligated to dress up, and don’t feel embarrassed if that’s what you’d prefer. We want you to come however you feel most comfortable and relax and enjoy your time of worship with us this Sunday.


On most Sundays what you can expect first from our services is a time to worship through song. Our hope is that you can relax and, without distraction, focus on the truths of who God is and all he’s done for us. Our 8a service has a more traditional feel where we sing hymns with the accompaniment of a piano, organ, acoustic guitar, and our choir.

If you like a more contemporary style, our 9:30a and 11a services offer music with drums and electric guitars in a style similar to what you may hear on the radio. While our musical styles vary from service to service, our commitment will always be to strong biblical content and a focus on communicating truth from the word and not worship fueled by nostalgia or vanity.

Next we will take part in Communion. Communion is a time each week where we remember the sacrifice of Jesus by taking emblems of crackers and grape juice to represent Christ’s body and blood. We invite all believers and followers of Christ to participate.

Offering is our time to be faithful as partners of Riverlawn to scripture’s command to give and support the ministry of the Church. We don’t want visitors to feel obligated to give, but invite you to participate as you feel led.

Next we hear from the word for about 35 minutes by one of our Pastors or Teachers. Our desire in this time is to challenge one another to bring the commands of scripture into our own lives as we seek to follow after Jesus as His faithful disciples.

Next we will show a video with some key announcements about what’s going on at the church.  All in all, you can expect our services to last about 65 minutes


Community Hour Groups meet Sunday mornings. These groups meet regularly through the year, equipping the saints for the work of ministry. 9:30a

Contact Us for the latest information on Community Hour Groups