Worship through music here at Riverlawn Christian Church begins with Biblical accuracy; simply put, we sing songs rooted in the truths of scripture. People often arrive on Sunday mornings with their head and hearts full of distraction. We see our role as lead worshipers as an opportunity to use the promises of God and the melody of song, to help remove those distractions and encounter the Resurrected King.


Here at Riverlawn we have 2 service styles to choose from. At 8a you can worship with our Traditional Service, and at 9:30a and 11a you can worship with our Contemporary Services. You will find identical teaching and service elements in all three, with the only exception being the music style and song selections.


If you are a musician and or vocalist, and would like to learn what it looks like to be an important part of the worship ministry here at RCC, please contact our Worship Pastor, or by calling the church office.

If you are more of a behind the scenes personality, we’d love to have you as a part of our Worship Production Ministry/Tech Team. These roles include things such as lighting operators and programmers, camera operators, camera switcher (directing camera operators for transitions of all screen content), Pro presenter (controlling song lyrics and other on-screen content), audio training and plenty of other supporting opportunities.